Saturday, April 12

Easy breezy

Today's fashion advice: Next time you attend an evening event, change things up a bit. Don't wear a dress! Maybe try wearing a jumpsuit with an easy breezy, yet sophisticated feel.

I myself bought a black one with an open back, in an elegant fabric with a demure shine. And for extra coolness, it has pockets, which are almost always a nice touch.

H&M jumpsuit & earrings

Have a good one! Xx

Monday, April 7

Dear Romania, online shopping just got better!

As you already know, Zara's online shopping service has finally made its entrance to the Romanian market. I'm positive you're as excited about this as I am. The brand has been in Romania since 2004 and has since made us love it more & more every season. The thing is, I am a huge consumer of high street brands like Zara, which just happens to be my favorite.

Why, you ask? Well, because their products are fresh & cool, in-the-now, chic and edgy. Because you see, long story short, Zara dresses exactly the type of woman I love, which is the confident possessor of all of the above features.

What I loved most about Zara in terms of aesthetics in the last couple of years is their ability to make minimalistic, yet really special pieces at affordable prices. I love their variety of fabrics, patterns and cuts and I sure as hell love their shoes.

To celebrate the great opening, Zara made me and few other bloggers an awesome surprise by allowing us to shop online before the official opening of the online store (which by the way, is up and running since April 1st - go go go!). Needless to say, I bought some more heels - they'll probably be sleeping in the bed with me soon, cos' I'm running out of storage room (shop them here and here). I'm in love with both, but especially the black stilettos. Isn't that just the most perfect cut?

And there's more: the site is super user friendly! If you're not a fan of crowds, you'll just love the online experience! They have the same products online as they do in their physical stores, at the same prices, and you can even chose to have your order delivered to a Zara store of your choice, for free. How cool is that?

3, 2, 1...Start shopping!!

Sunday, April 6

Tea lenght, Smiling Shoes and Fashion for Business

I've found my perfect pair of shoes for this spring - they're cute, feminine and come in delicious spring sorbetto colors. I absolutely adore the new Smiling Shoes Sorbetto collection - Check it out here! My favorite thing about this emerging Romanian brand is that it allows you to custom make your dream shoes, by choosing your fav color combos and textures. Not to mention, the leather they use is nice & soft and the quality of the shoes is spot on!

Speaking of the shoes, I wore them to a nice event I attended as an official blogger a little while ago, organized by Biz Magazine at the Howard Johnson Hotel, in Bucharest. I left the building with a little more knowledge on dressing for success and personal branding. Not to mention, my absolute favorite Romanian blogger, Ana, was one of the speakers - so of course, her very own charm and sense of humour brightened up my day.


Smiling Shoes bow heels
MNG top
H&M tea lenght circle skirt
Zara leather jacket

See you soon,

Saturday, March 15

Oscars Afterparty with Bucharest Style

About two weeks ago I attended the 4th anniversary of Bucharest style, a blog hosted by the lovely Silvia and Raluca. The theme of the event was pretty cool - it was an Oscars afterparty, and the dress code imposed outfits inspired from all time Oscar movie characters. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to comply, given that I had to run directly from work to the event (Sorry guys, I hate overriding a dress code!).

A week before the party, few other bloggers and I got to make a fun little shooting at InSpayer (lovely place, by the way), each dressed as a movie character of our choice. I got to hang out with characters from Chicago, Pulp Fiction, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and oh, so many others. The photos were made into a short film and projected at the event.

Just in case it didn't come across very loudly, I was Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. Yes, the irresolute, selfish, doesn't-know-what-she-wants, has-it-all, shallow little b****. No resemblance there, I hope.

Photo credit: The Storyalist (party) and Florina Dumitrache (shooting).

I was wearing:

*Needle & Thread dress (you can find it here), vintage fur collar (shooting)

*Zara trousers, Mango top, Michael Kors watch (party).


Saturday, March 8

A little bit of whimsy never hurt nobody


Dress by B.A.D
Leather jacket and shoes by Zara

I've been away for a while. In fact, these pictures were taken back in December, as part of a cute little collab I did with Adriana, one of the local designers from Timisoara (Thank you, darling!). It was supposed to be a holiday outfit for the season that has just passed, but somehow the "moving to Bucharest" thing got in the way and it took me quite some time to get my groove back on and start blogging again (Note: I'm really happy here, by the way!).

Nonetheless, I think this dress actually suits better as a women's day outfit and although It's not something I would normally wear (you know me, the black widow), I do believe that a little bit of whimsy never hurt nobody.

On a completely separate note, don't forget to celebrate your moms today - I know I don't say this enough, but I love you, mom! Have I great one, ladies!

Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year of Great Changes!

My dear ones,

You should know this: I am unable to write wishes. I hate wishes. Especially long and clishee ones. But I will say this:

1. 2014, you'd better rock my world!
2. Ladies, remember that LOVE is the major trend of 2014!

You should know that 2014 will bring this blog at least a change of setting, if not much more. Yes my friends, I'm moving to Bucharest in exactly 5 days! I'm super freaked out and super excited, at the same time! I hate that I'm leaving my beloved friends from Timisoara but I also love the thought that new friendships are probably just waiting to happen.

On a separate note, I want to thank you all so, so very much for reading my blog this previous year - it's been a wonderful ride! Here's a late recap of my favorite looks this year.